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Cydr Świetlisty – gift set

Cydr Świetlisty – gift set


Avail. only on site

Avail. only on site

Set includes:

  • A sturdy box made of natural pine wood, size: 26 cm x 20 cm x 9.5 cm
  • filling made of natural wood wool
  • bottle of Cydr Świetlisty – semi-dry cider
  • apples of Jonaprince variety (about 1kg)
  • special ornaments (Christmas, occasional)

Everything is packed neatly in cellophane wrap and tied with natural colored raffia.


Serving temperature 10-12 degrees Celsius. The juice, pressed in autumn from the ripest fruit, slowly ferments at low temperature for 3 months. Then it is bottled and closed with a natural cork, so that it can slowly referment and mature for the next 6 months. The blending of five varieties of apples grown in our orchard gave us a cider that is intensely golden, with an unusual fruity aroma and acidity balanced by a compelling sweetness. It was made without adding water, sweeteners or carbon dioxide. It is not pasteurized, filtered, contains no sulfur.

Boskoop, Bankroft, Bel-el, Ligol, Prof. Sprenger


  • EYE:Luminous, amber-honey coloured, clear
  • NOSE:It captivates with fruity aromas of yellow mirabelles and sweetness of greengages ripening in the strong August sun. It caresses the nose with a nice smell of apple mousse served on the terrace in the shade of rustling tree leaves.
  • MOUTH: tingles of voluptuous bubbles and a hint of sweetness meet the touch of Boskoop’s rough skin. The beautiful amber-honey color is a harbinger of slightly sweet caramel with firmly ripe pear and a delicate hint of Sicilian orange. Lightness, airiness, freshness and seductive taste ignite the longing for what is fleeting, beautiful and luminous.

Pairs perfectly with sweet pancakes with vanilla cream cheese and chocolate glaze, seduces with a pear salad, walnuts and blue cheese.

Serving temperature 10-12 degrees Celsius.