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Cydr Aksamitny – gift set

Cydr Aksamitny – gift set


Avail. only on site

Avail. only on site

Set includes:

  • A sturdy box made of natural pine wood, size: 26 cm x 20 cm x 9.5 cm
  • filling made of natural wood wool
  • bottle of Cydr Aksamitny – dry cider
  • apples of Golden Delicius variety (about 1kg)
  • special ornaments (Christmas, occasional)

Everything is packed neatly in cellophane wrap and tied with natural colored raffia.


Produced the way sparkling grape wines are produced. In autumn, when the fruits are fully ripe, we press their juice, which slowly ferments for 2 months at low temperature. Then we bottle it and close it with a natural cork to let it referment and mature for another 5 months without adding water, sweeteners or carbon dioxide. It is not pasteurized, filtered, contains no sulfur. The result is a cider that is dry in flavor, wonderfully golden, aromatic and delicately pearly.

Grey Reinette, Gloster, Cox’s Orange Pippin, Ligol, Evereste


  • EYE:delicately golden, sunny, wonderfully clear
  • NOSE: clear notes of ripe apples and pears from the autumn orchard harmonize with the delicate scent of extremely aromatic quince. Appealing aromas of golden mirabelles and warm apple pie intertwine with cheeky seed and exotic nutmeg.
  • MOUTH:delicately sharp, pleasantly balanced, elegant, with a charming aftertaste of apple skin that you crunch on in an autumn orchard, with spicy notes of cinnamon, candied orange and fresh fragrant herbs from our own garden

Cydr Aksamitny can be served as an aperitif but it also perfectly emphasizes the taste of dishes and gives seafood an extraordinary depth of flavor. It will go great with asparagus risotto and will be the perfect secret ingredient to an onion soup.

Serving temperature: 10-12 degrees Celsius