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Iwon Rybacka

Craft Cider Production

The Cider

This is where it all starts. In late April and early May apple trees bloom and at this stage attention to detail and taking care of the trees are most important. At this point, apple trees are most vulnerable to disease and to weather conditions such as frost.

It’s all about how a flower grows into fruit. Throughout the growing season, we make every effort to ensure that our apples are perfect for both consumption and cider.

Now we reach for the ripe fruit. Picking takes place in the autumn, at the right time, when the apples are ripe and the ratio of acids to sugars is perfect. All the fruit is picked by hand – only apples picked by human hand make a good cider.

Slowly the cider is made. Harvested fruits are pressed, together with the peel, so that the juice contains all the most valuable ingredients. I add yeast suitable for cider to the juice and the fermentation process begins. After 2-3 months the finished beverage is poured into bottles, so that the secondary fermentation, or refermentation can take place in the bottle. It takes another 2-3 months to mature and create effervescence in the bottle. After this period the dry sparkling cider is ready for consumption.

What does our cider taste like?