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Winter pruning of apple trees… why do we actually do it?

kwi 13, 2021

Winter is over and apple tree pruning is ending, but now is the most beautiful time to do it in the orchard. Silence, peace and quiet, nature awakening to life, the smell of spring, the sounds of birds, sometimes a hare pays me a visit, sometimes a crane…

The main purpose of pruning is to maintain the right balance between the growth of trees and their fruiting. We care about fruiting, not about producing “wood”. During pruning we form the shape of a crown and regulate its size and density.

It is also a very important phytosanitary measure. If done well, it allows air to move freely and sunlight to penetrate the crown of the tree. With optimal moisture and sunlight conditions, all parts of the crown and fruit are more resistant to certain pathogens.

If it is warm and sunny for a few spring days, these beautifully pruned trees will “go”, that is, they will begin their new life.